Information Technology Audit

it-auditWould you like to know if your Information Technology infrastructure, tools and processes are healthy and cost efficient?

An Information Technology Audit (IT audit) is the examination and evaluation of:

  • IT infrastructure;
  • Policies that govern the security and flow of information;
  • Operations, processes and tools for communication & collaboration;
  • Evaluation of external vendors providing services;
  • Examination of current and proposed projects for value-add and strong ROI.

IT audits determine whether IT is protecting corporate assets, ensuring data integrity and are aligned with the organization’s overall goals. IT audits examine not only physical security controls, but also overall business and financial controls that involve information technology systems.  Efficient use of technology sub-systems is also examined with an eye towards improving automation and collaboration opportunities across the company.

The deliverable for an IT Audit generally results in one of 3 outcomes for each functional area analyzed:

1) IT in this area is healthy and cost efficient or;
2) IT in this area could be done in a less expensive/more efficient manner with recommendations for improvement or;
3) IT in this area has serious concerns and should be addressed in the near term in a recommended manner.

When it comes to IT, so true is the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Contact RepkoSolutions for a comprehensive review of your Information Technology today!