Office 365 Migration & Customization

o365-migrationThinking about implementing a Microsoft Office 365 solution?  We can provide the expert help to get the greatest possible benefit out of the product. RepkoSolutions can also offer long-term strategic guidance to help you make Office 365 work for your organization, both now and in the future.

After performing multiple real world migrations to Office 365, here are the key areas where RepkoSolutions can ensure you get the expertise you need…

1. We understand the Full Spectrum of Office 365

This includes all of its complexities and components, as well as how to make them work best together. We understand both the infrastructure components of Office 365 – such as how it handles email and instant messaging – in addition to the business and social aspects, like Yammer, Office Groups and SharePoint Online. With this diverse understanding, we can help you make the most of the features of Office 365 – and there are many.

2. We can help you now… And Later

Ongoing support and strategic guidance are key benefits that we offer. Unlike previous versions, Office 365 is not a static product, which means that you can end up left behind if you don’t have ongoing support.

RepkoSolutions will answer the question “What does moving to Office 365 really mean for you?” and will work to ensure that your short-term and long-term goals are met.

3. We will Help With Migration of your corporate data

Will you need help to migrate all your content into Office 365? What about your hosted email environment, your social content or your Dropbox content? Migrating content on your own can be frustrating and time consuming, with the risk of losing valuable information if you don’t get it right. RepkoSolutions can help with migration to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

4. We Understand the “Ecosystem”

RepkoSolutions understands the entire Office 365 ecosystem. Many organizations offer software packages and tools that sit on top of Office 365, adding extra features or simplifying the user experience. We understand this ecosystem of software so that we can find the right solution for you in every situation.

Final Thoughts

RepkoSolutions is the one who can help you with every stage of your Office 365 journey, from the initial setup to the content migration to your overall strategy. We are well positioned to help you in the long-term to make sure you get everything you need.  After performing multiple real world migrations to Office 365, RepkoSolutions can ensure you get the expertise you need to make your Office 365 migration a resounding success!