Project Management

project-constructionA great Project Manager (PM) can mean more than just the difference between project success and failure.  With a quality PM on your team, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that projects and processes are being managed in a professional, efficient, timely and ultimately profitable manner. Conversely, a below average PM can have disastrous effects, including a drain on your own time, team morale and your company’s money.

RepkoSolutions has lead numerous Custom Development and large Modernization and System Integration projects where rollouts covered all aspects of re-Architecture, Localization, Systems Development, Data Migration, Infrastructure upgrades, software deployment, Help Desk and Training for operators as well as technical support staff.

Our project work has been driven by Agile, RUP, Disciplined Agile, and Waterfall methodologies. As an IT Business consultant we have been the trusted advisor for numerous Fortune 500 companies and the oft mentioned description of us in a single word is “Integrity”.

Ensuring integrity within the Project Leadership Process:

  • By ferreting out true objectives, restating them in a measureable context and ensuring stakeholders look each other in the eye and agree before we embark together on a project of any kind.
  • By constantly attacking and mitigating risk, aggressively validating progress against deliverables and having detours and workarounds in place before roadblocks even present themselves.
  • By building excellence into execution. Anomalies detected during quality assurance is a failure in the process me. With analysis and systemic improvement, our teams make each iteration better than the last, embodying a zero defect mentality.
  • By championing total transparency. No cover ups.  No hiding bad news while hoping things get better. A day lost is a day that is highlighted, scrutinized, accounted for and generates a realistic plan of action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you are looking for Integrity based Project, Program or Department Management, Contact RepkoSolutions.  For more specific project experience details, please take a moment to read through the roles we have held and projects we have brought in on time and under budget.