Software Development

Our software development services offer Solutions to cover 3 primary requirements:

  1. Custom Software Development
  2. Maintenance and Enhancement of existing Applications
  3. Migration of legacy systems to Current technologies and Best Practices

Custom Software Development

This approach can make sense for you if:

1.  No ready-made software does exactly what you need.
2.  Control and ownership of the software that runs your business is necessary or desirable as a strategic asset.

Either or both of these may apply to your situation.  Within these broad reasons are additional factors to consider that are laid out in more detail here

Maintenance and Enhancements

Software Applications are like a road system.  If not regularly maintained and enhanced they can decline in effectiveness to a point where they are no longer “safe to drive on”.  At RepkoSolutions we are firm proponents that if something is not broken, there’s no need to fix it.  For aging systems, migration to newer technologies is not always cost effective.  Older systems do require more care and feeding, of course and as they integrate with modern services, bridges can be built as enhancements to take advantage of current best practices.

If you are looking for “as needed” maintenance and enhancements for your software applications, get in touch with us.  We’ll walk through your requirements and put together an estimate and action plan that provides a solution.

Migration of Legacy Systems

maintenance_costsIt’s well documented that in the typical life-cycle of a software application, there comes a point at which holding it together with Band-Aids and bubblegum is no longer fiscally responsible and potentially open to sophisticated security attacks.  As technologies age, it is also harder to find the best developers who are able or willing to work in legacy technical environments.

RepkoSolutions has spearheaded countless software migrations across a broad range of industries.  If this seems like the right solution for your applications, Contact RepkoSolutions for a free quote and action plan to bring your concepts alive!